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"The 21st Question - Bettie Page"
Bettie Page, America's favorite pinup, tells all about her troubled past,
her relationships with men, her sexual highs and lows and what she really
thinks about Gretchen Mol and The Notorious Bettie Page.

"My Story: The Missing Years"
Bettie Page interview
January 1998 -

In 1957, the most celebrated pin-up queen in history mysteriously
disappeared. Now she reveals the truth about how and why she vanished.

"Pin-Ups and Downs: Bettie Page"

In the 1950s, underground model Bettie Page was indisputably the most
photographed woman in the world. Then she utterly disappeared and, as a
result, became a cult legend. After more than 40 years in exile, Playboy's
Miss January 1955 re-emerged from hiding, met with Hugh Hefner and sat
down with Playboy magazine for a rare interview. As Bettie's star rises
again, we savor her words and celebrate her curvaceous body of work.

"The Bettie Boom"
by Buck Henry

"A Golden Age for a Pinup,"
by Louis Sahagun
Los Angeles Times

"I Was a Teenage Betty,"
by Bonnie Burton

Re/SEARCH article on Bettie in Strange Films book

Passion, Heels, & Leather: The Films of Irving Klaw
by Tosh Berman

Bettie Page's Life Story Finally Told
by Gary Johnson

Chat Transcript with Bettie from Mr. Showbiz

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