C U B I S M:
Life in the Office

M ost cubicles are veal crates, so tight in space as not to bruise the precious temps and enginerds...
No one wants to eat a stringy programmer!!!!

If there's one this I've learned in my corporate jobs it's that cubicles turn people into freaks of nature who will do ANYTHING for amusement, whether that mean make stabbing motions in your direction as you make the 100th loud, personal phone call next "door" or perhaps spark an interest in office decorating with axes and military netting.

Because of this, I've decided to pay tribute to the wonderment of cubicle living and feature this site full of office or computer-job related humor sites.

So sit back in your uncomfortable chair and smirk at our living conditions!

Disgruntled Housewife: Working for the Man -- you're not the only one who hates her job. Read some tips from a girl who isn't going to take it anymore!

Not My Desk -- Read movies and book reviews about being a temp worker, and check out the field guide which covers topics like job stress, finding the right job, commuting, office politics and more.

Boss Button -- why work when you have Insta-Spreadsheet?

Face Intel -- Former and current employees at Intel don't seem to be too happy these days. Here's a Web site where they can all bond and pray that the justice fairy will fly down and destroy incompetent managers. If it's Intel inside then you know it's disgruntled.

i-Resign -- take this job and . . .

I Should Be Working -- think of it as your portal of slack. This link goes directly to its Job Humor section. But you should browse all the channels if you really want to avoid getting any work done.

WorkHumor.com -- all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Kiss My Freckled Ass Goodbye -- vicariously live through those who have already told off their bosses.

Who Got Fired? -- read stories and rants from disgruntled workers who have been laid off or fired.

Hey, get back to
w o r k