Sat., March 8, 2003

Nice doggie digs:

I don't know about you but this site has some of the snazziest dog houses I've ever seen. I wonder if my big screen TV and TiVo will fit in there?

Fri., March 7, 2003

My New Friend:

Here I am with my human pal Amanda. She gives me funny nicknames and wants to be my nanny when the rents are away. Plus she smells really good. Now if I can just get her to bring over bacon, I think I'll have it made.

Sat., Feb. 1, 2003

Catch, Boy. Catch!:

People without dogs will never know the joys of playing catch. I could catch frisbees, tennis balls, sticks, pork chops -- you name it.

In fact, playing catch should be an Olympic sport. Heck, dogs should be in the Olympics! Anyway, for those dogless humans, here's a virtual game where you can Play Catch with a Fearless Puppy.

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