I listen to pretty much everything on the Kindercore record label (yes that makes me a Kindercore whore, thank you very much), but my favorite has always been the Denver darlings Dressy Bessy. Pink Hearts Yellow Moons is one of my most listened to CDs I have whirling around in my car stereo. Twisting and turning down steep mountain roads is so much more fun when you are tra-la-laing with Tammy Ealom, as she sings in her sweet and catchy way to "Jenny Come On."

If you like bands like Quasi, Apples in Stereo or Olivia Tremor Control, you'll dig this band. Heck if you like the Archies or Josie and the Pussycats you'd jump for joy listening to this CD.

If you say, "It sounds like that other great band Apples In Stereo has influenced the sound of Dressy Bessy a tad." You wouldn't be far off. Aside from Tammy, bassist Rob Greene and drummer Darren Albert, Tammy's boyfriend John Hill, who just so happens to also be in Apples in Stereo, is the guitarist for Dressy.