Grrl Zine - Issue #6 GRRL #6 - Sex issue

This time, GRRL pays tribute to weird stuff about sex.

Here's what Factsheet Five (Issue #63) had to say about this issue:

"Take the purity test and find out if you're a saint or a 
big, fat whore." Lots of stuff in here to recommend it 
including a fabulous listing of over one hundred terms 
for condoms ranging from "clam damn" to "knob swab." 
The erotic tale by Andy Savage - "My Fling with Chelsea" 
- retells the story of The First Fuck in the backseat of 
a Lincoln under the nose of the Secret Service. There 
are also tasty recipes here for cocktails with names 
like Sex in a Bubblegum Factory and Martian Hard One. 
It's a packed issue with lots going on, illustrated from 
such diverse sources as Japanese manga and '30s pulp fiction.

ISSUE #6 Sex:

Other names for condoms
Marquis De Sade Wisdom
Putting on a condom
Kama Sutra: On Kissing
The Purity Test
Hello Dolly!
Poem by Neil
How Bizarre
Goth Lines to Use in Bed
Naughty Novels
My Fling with Chelsea
Zines for Moi?
Dominatrix Slaying
Bizarre Sex Laws
The Two Paths
25 Things to do Instead of Sex
Are you a sex addict?
What's Yer Poison?
Eat Me
Wisdom from the West
Urban Sex Legends

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