It can be a bit overwhelming to wade through all the riot grrrl (notice 3 rs not 2) bands out there. Some of it's angry and loud, others are cuddly and PowerPuffGirl-friendly. Le Tigre seems to be both.

Bikini Kill's Kathleen Hanna teams up with videomaker Sadie Benning and zine queen Johanna Fateman. How's that for DIY grrrl rock? But this isn't your typical Sleater-Kinney style rock. These kids aren't afraid to mix in some old-school samples and heavy electronica on their self-titled CD: Le Tigre.

"Phanta" sounds like a theme song to an anime robot cartoon, while "My My Metrocard" makes you want to pogo all the way to the subway.

And don't think for a second that the lyrics to any of these songs are simply filler. Really pay attention to some of the political commentary about the mayor of New Yok City or viewpoints about maverick filmmaker John Cassavetes, transgendered activist Leslie Feinberg, deconstructionalist Gayatri Spivak and black revolutionary Angela Davis.

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