he loves his amp more

Dating a musician is no easy feat. First you have to realize that the band will always, no matter how important you think you are, come first. If you can't handle that basic point, then don't bother reading the rest of these tips. It's never gonna work out. Move on. Go date a dishwasher.

If you're okay with being second or maybe even tenth - below his tour manager - on his priority list, then you might have a chance of happiness. Keep in mind, not all musicians are total freaks. Some of them can end up being really sweet, especially if they have grown up a little and realize that you love them for for who they are and not because their video is playing on MTV.

Good luck - you're gonna need lots, honey.

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DISCLAIMER: By the way, these tips aren't meant to upset the actual punkers, stoners, musicians, ravers, goths and other types who visit Grrl.com. Sure not all musicians care more about their guitars than their girlfriends, and not all stoners eat tons of Ho-Hos, and not all goths wear black eyeliner, and not all ravers take E. But that's not the point. THIS IS IN JEST AND GOOD FUN. Learn to laugh at yourself a little. After all, not only have I dated all these stereotypes, but at different points of my life I was each of these stereotyoes myself -- except for the Redneck, that is.