he used to be your best friend

This is probably the hardest kind to date. Usually the boy starts off as your best friend so you already have a basis of trust built up. Then sex is thrown in somewhere along the way. And what comes out is a confused state of misunderstandings, freak-out tantrums and loads of hurt feelings. It's called screwing up the best friend equation because you want something more. You need something more. It's normal to feel that way.

Sometimes, when you're lucky and the timing is right - it works out and you end up finding true love with your best friend. But it may start to suck if he doesn't want to give what you two have any "titles," and he'd rather keep it up in the air instead. These are tips for the girl who doesn't know how to deal with the confusion that goes along with dating a boy who may be a close friend but truly has no idea what he wants.

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