Web Waste is a journey to the bizarre side of the Web, a place where you can find out about drag queens, UFOs, and GenX icons all at once. Elements of the site include sections on comics and online zines, as well as a weekly column on strange Web sites called Phreaky Phriday Phun Linx. Web Waste also features a weekly video called Ask Bonnie, where viewers email questions about a selected topic for editor Bonnie Burton to answer. If you're lucky, you'll get to see a rare appearance from @Home's most revered and reviled personality, a surly sock puppet named @Sock.

Web Waste brings you the ultimate in cool and unusual Web sites and other online resources. From Planet of the Apes to Glam Rock icons like KISS, it's all here.

Ever wondered what happened to UFO wreckage at Roswell? Web Waste editor Bonnie Burton provides the answers to viewer emails on a variety of odd topics in her weekly video, Ask Bonnie.

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