Time To Move On

This is a letter to let you know that after four years of creating, feeding and maintaining the Real World and Road Rules Fan Sites, I have decided to get a life and discontinue the fan sites. It's not a jab against the fans or creators of the show, I just want to concentrate more on revamping Grrl.com into a amazing site on its own.

My heart isn't in the show anymore and I'm finding it to be more of a hassle than a passion to keep the site constantly updated and informative with each new season. Basically, I'm just not having fun anymore. I know that with each new season other fan sites sprout up, and they often have more info or update more than I do. So I don't think I'll be leaving too many people in a lurch.

I wish MTV and Bunim-Murray great success with the Real World and Road Rules series. I'm glad to have created a valuable resource that thousands of people visited to get the dirt on a bunch of strangers living in a house. I hope I didn't let too many of you down. I'll miss the site and all your email, but in the end I'll be glad to be moving on into my own version of the Real World.

Very sincerely,

Bonnie Burton