The definition of Viva Voce is "by word of mouth: a report submitted viva voce; a viva voce examination." Which is really ironic considering how I found out about this band. I ran across them one late (I'm talking 3am late) night, as I was hopelessly wandering through looking for new music. When I found them, I think I emailed their site to everyone I knew. I felt like I found the next Curve or Darling Buds!

Hailing from Nashville, TN, band members Anita Robinson (vocalist) and Kevin Robinson (drummer and keyboardist) bring a new freshness to the indie rock scene that I can't quite explain. Their sound isn't twangy or whiney. It's very lush and dreamy, but also this band can rock.

The songs that stand out most for me are "Fear of Flying" and "Beautiful" from their Hooray for Now CD and "Beauty Secrets" from a demo. You can listen to these songs and many others on their site here. You can buy all their CDs online with Paypal, credit cards or other types of legal tender. I don't think they'll take fluffy bunnies. But you can try.

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