Dec. 26, 2007


Here's hoping you all had a wonderful holiday, and a grand New Year's to come!

Dec. 22, 2007

Have a Moosey Christmas!

Dec. 20, 2007

Vader in the Mission

Dec. 14, 2007

Drawings of Me

Since a lot of my friends are really amazingly talented artists, who sometimes draw pictures of me for my books, or, or just to take make me smile, I figured I better put them all in one place.

So here ya go:
Drawings of Me

Dec. 14, 2007

Les Claypool's Bith-free Jam Band

Iconic bassist and Primus front-man Les Claypool talks with about fishing, writing a novel, working with the "Robot Chicken" gang and directing his first feature film Electric Apricot: Quest for Festeroo. And, of course, he chats about how Star Wars has influenced him and why he's having fun sharing the saga with his kids.


What did you think of Star Wars when you first saw it in 1977?
I remember seeing the trailer when I was 12 or 13. My dad took us too see the film. I was a little bit freaked out when they cut off that guy's arm and it clattered to the ground in the cantina. There wasn't any film like that in the day. The only thing that came sort of close to it was 2001 -- but that was a bit too cerebral for me. So Star Wars was this huge blast of ice cold water awakening all senses. It was Industrial Light & Magic! A buddy of mine, former ILMer Mark Anderson, runs [ILM Spin-Off] Kerner Optical. I think they should throw magic in that new company's title as well.

I always liked the Industrial part of the ILM title.
Goth! [laughs]

Did you ever dress up in Star Wars costumes for Halloween?
I was too old for that. Though my funniest Star Wars moment came much later -- last year in fact -- being at Skywalker Ranch with Seth Green and all his cronies from "Robot Chicken," running around in the parking lot in the middle of the night waving lightsabers in a huge battle.

Did you all jump into Ewok Lake as a ritual akin to Apollonia's swim in Lake Minnetonka in Purple Rain?
[laughs] Oh well yeah, we did that.

Read the full interview here:
Les Claypool's Bith-free Jam Band

Dec. 14, 2007

Make a Sympathy Doll - Weekend Projects Vlog

Dec. 14, 2007


Dec. 11, 2007

Lucasfilm/ILM 2007 Party Photos

Bollywood, Hollywood and Dollywood are the three layers of fun at the LFL/LucasArts/ILM 2007 Holiday Party at the Regency Center in San Francisco.

Check out the lovely Flickr photos here:
Lucasfilm Holiday Party (2007)

Dec. 9, 2007

Zaproot Vlog

ZapRoot is cool environmental vlog produced by independent filmmaker Sarah Szalavitz and Damien Somerset, and hosted by snarky host Jess to keep us all updated on the latest news in a zippy way. And wouldn’t you know it, both R2-D2 and Darth Vader make a cameo!

Dec. 8, 2007

Cinematic Titanic Party

"Mystery Science Theater 3000" founders debuted their new hilarious undertaking called Cinematic Titanic. It was a laught riot! It was performed live at the Lucasfilm/ILM campus in San Francisco on Dec. 7, 2007. Afterwards, the was a small reception where we got to drink and chat about trashy films with the very people who made it cool to riff -- you can't get a better perk than that!

Check out all the photos of the reception here:
Cinematic Titanic Party

Read all about it here: Report from Cinematic Titanic

Dec. 7, 2007

I Like to Think of a Cybernetic Forest

"All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace"
by Richard Brautigan
Reprinted in The Pill versus The Springhill Mine
Disaster, copyright 1968 by Richard Brautigan.

Dec. 6, 2007

Project Runway judge Nina Garcia answers My Questions!

I'm a big "Project Runway" addict, so when I found out from Natalie) that "Project Runway" judge and Elle magazine fashion director Nina Garcia would be answering fan questions online, I jumped at the chance and asked three questions pronto...

My questions:

What are some of your favorite movies that have the best costume designs that you admire? Do you care that Marc Jacobs has been upsetting the press non-stop with uber-late fashion shows and Project-Runway-esque drama queen hissy fits? Which Project Runway contestant who didn't win from any of the seasons are you most excited to see do something with their talent? -Bonnie

Nina: Hi Bonnie. My favorite movies/costume design that I admire are The Thomas Crown Affair with Faye Dunaway, Belle du Jour and Funny Face. In response to the press more recent criticism of Marc Jacobs tardy fashion show, I believe that all good things come to those who wait, and I love Marc and will wait. Finally, I am looking forward to seeing the works of Daniel V., Laura Bennett and Uli from "Project Runway."

Here's the rest of the interview: Talkin' with Nina Garcia

Dec. 5, 2007

Ask Bonnie -- Weird Holiday Music

Ask Bonnie -- Weird Christmas Music

Host: Bonnie Burton
Videographer: John Polizzi Blogger Bonnie Burton answers questions all about Weird Holiday Music! The show previously aired online on Web Waste which is now long gone. So if you have questions/comments email them to Bonnie Burton here.

Dec. 4, 2007

Ask Bonnie -- Weird Holiday Gifts

Ask Bonnie -- Weird Holiday Gifts

Host: Bonnie Burton
Videographer: John Polizzi Blogger Bonnie Burton answers questions all about Weird Holiday Gifts! The show previously aired online on Web Waste which is now long gone. So if you have questions/comments email them to Bonnie Burton here.

Dec. 2, 2007

In the Pink

My new hair color...

Dec. 1, 2007

My Desk at Work

Lucas Online is moving offices around the Presidio this weekend so I thought I'd take photos of my desk at work before we move in case I want to attempt to recreate what my desk looks like now. I have way too many toys, figures, craft supplies, paperwork, books, mags, photos, memos, post-its, you name it, on my desk. So see if you can spot all the geekery!

Snoop Around My Desk.


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