D eep down I think dogs believe they are human. At least that's what I think thanks to a pup named Sophie. Aside from the flea scratching, rolling in poo and eating everything that falls on the floor - she might as well be human.

She acts so human I decided to give her a journal -- Doggie Bloggie -- to rant and rave to the masses. I have a feeling she'll be whining about not getting to eat steak at dinner. Then again, she may just yammer on and on about the joys of gnawing rawhide bones.

Sophie is indeed one of a kind. We picked her up from some friends who found her wandering around some seedy parts of the city. She was nothing but skin and bones, yet she was still happy to see people and wagged her tail to prove it.

Living in the mountains, Sophie spends her days chasing lizards, playing fetch, getting muddy and taking nap after nap. She snores like an old man, and sometimes snorts like a pig -- and we love her.