Grrl Zine - Issue #4 GRRL #4 - Puppet issue

This time, GRRL takes an in-depth look at puppets, particularly the most evil puppet of all, Mister Punch. Read about the traditional Punch & Judy shows, Punch's professors and the lore behind the puppet who cheated the Devil. The zine also has information on scary puppet movies, cool puppet Web sites, puppet ministries, puppet making instructions and SO much more.

ISSUE #4 Mister Punch:

Make a cat head talk
Japanese Mechanical Dolls
Punch & Judy song
Origins of Punch & Judy
God speaks in Mysterious Ways
Puppetry on the Web
Puppets in Prison
Punch's Professors
Puppet Movies to Rent
Punch 'n Dickens
World Wide Friends of Punch & Judy
The Night of Sisyphus
Mister Punch comic review
Quoth the Puppet

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