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    Watch the latest uploaded videos from
    my Vlog series "Ask Bonnie" on YouTube and Myspace.

    My Star Wars Crafts Presentation at W00tstock San Francisco!

  • Bonnie Blog: I like finding the weird links & YouTube videos. I filter the gems from the junk and display them pretty-like and minty-fresh daily on the Bonnie Blog. You can also read the same daily blatherings here on my LiveJournal Blog. Want even more random links full of awesomeness? Check out my Twitter here. You're welcome.

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    Go to your local newsstand and pick up these magazines to read my latest articles:

    Geek Monthly (Issue 31 - Sept. 2009): Jane Wiedlin - Lady Robotika feature
    Geek Monthly (Issue 18 - Aug. 2008): Milo Ventimiglia Profile
    Geek Monthly<(Issue 17 - July 2008):Wil Wheaton Profile
    Geek Monthly(Issue 13): Office Envy: Sebastian the Squirrel
    Geek Monthly (Issue 12): Office Envy: Darth Hambone
    Geek Monthly (Issue 11): MythBusters feature -- Full interview here
    Geek Monthly (Issue 10): ProGeek interview with Jane Wiedlin
    Geek Monthly (Issue 8): ProGeek interview with Xeni Jardin

  • Felicia Day Interview Actress and gamer Felicia Day geeks out about The Guild, Dr. Horrible, Star Wars and Skywalker Ranch here: Felicia Day is the Geek You're Looking For

  • Adrianne Curry Interview Model, actress and reality TV star Adrianne Curry chats with me abouit why she loves gaming, Boba Fett and hanging out with stormtroopers here: Adrianne Curry: America's Next Top Star Wars Fan.

  • Margaret Cho Interview: Comedian and actress Margaret Cho likes her heroes brave, loyal and furry, so it shouldn't be a surprise that Wookiees rate high on her favorite characters list. Check out my interview here: Cho-Bacca: Margaret Cho is Pro-Wookiee.

  • Crafty: Ready to geek out with your glue gun? Check out my latest craft tutorial here on Star Wars Crafts and be sure to check out the new Star Wars Craft Community on Livejournal!

  • Hire Me!: I'm an author, journalist and viral marketing expert with a rich background in print and online media always looking for editorial or marketing opportunities to create original content. Currently, I'm available for freelance projects, contract assignments and media commentary. Check out my resume here.

  • Relationships 101: So you goofed up...big time. We've all been there. But if you want to really make things right, here are a few tips on How to Say You're Sorry.

  • Fame: editors Mark and Xeni interview me on their podcast about my book You Can Draw: Star Wars. Listen in here.

  • You Can Draw: Star Wars Get a closer look at my book You Can Draw: Star Wars that not only teaches you how to draw your favorite characters, but serves as an excellent introduction to the artist's tools of the trade. Don't forget to friend this book on Myspace!

  • Goodbye Bettie Page: Pinup icon Bettie Page died Dec. 11, 2008. Read my essay about how Bettie affected my life for the best, and why she will always been my hero -- Goodbye Queen of Curves.

  • The Bettie Page: Learn all about the Queen of Pin-Up with photos, articles and fan art in The Bettie Page.

  • Best of Blogs Book Be sure to check out my first book: Never Threaten to Eat Your Co-Workers: Best of Blogs! This book gives blog addicts like yourself the power to walk in the shoes of a TV star, international journalist, criminal court lawyer, video sales clerk and a busy mom, among others. Don't forget to friend this book on Myspace! Read more info here.

  • Grrl Store: Check out the Grrl pins, blank journals, doggy shirts, retro magnets, funky stickers, colored and black tees and nifty trinkets in the Grrl Schwag-O-Rama Store.


  • Blog: Yada, yada, yada. Read my daily dose of blatherings about everything from 7-Up Cake to Wonder Woman Underoos.
  • Grrl Gets the Goods: Check out my online column on It's chock full of tidbits about my odd little life, weird news headlines and amazing stuff I come across on the Web and in zines.
  • Phreaky: Bizarre Web sites in both pill and Phreaky Phriday Phun Linx form.
  • Dating: Relationship 101 advice column, tips on dating emotional cripples and the Cute Geek Guy Gallery.
  • Heroes: Tributes of women and men I think rock: Bettie Page, Mary Vivian Pearce, Roger Black and others.
  • Finds: Check out the junk I buy on eBay.
  • Arts & Crafts: Make your own apartment murals, mail art, decos and more.
  • Life: Get ready to cook yummy food and grow funky plants. This section has retro recipes, cookbook reviews, gardening book suggestions and more!
  • Music: Reviews of music worth listening to. Plus more info on the bands (with shopping links) I love.
  • Work: Tales of temping, disgruntled worker sites and books!
  • Read: Grrl-approved comics, books and zines!
  • Me: More information than you really ever wanted to know about the grrl behind, Bonnie Burton.
  • My Junk for Sale: I've realized that I have way too much stuff so I'm getting rid of half my stash of books and CDs on and tons of toys and collectibles on
  • Grrl Store: Show off your grrl style with T-shirts, sweatshirts, boxers, mugs and more!
  • My Amazon Wishlist: You can learn a lot about a person from what books and CDs they want. Forensic textbooks and cult movie DVDs = Bonnie. Feel free to buy me things at random.


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