Sept. 4, 1998

Johnny Jetpack
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a 7-foot-6-inch puppet attached to a giant water-rocket backpack! It's Johnny Jetpack! You heard right. Someone felt compelled to launch this puppet to 70-90 feet and then let it plummet to its death, complete with flailing limbs, screams and an exploding head.

Dirty Sole Society
Shoes can be so confining. Walk in the grass with others who feel that your toes should be free and easy as you walk. On the Dirty Sole Society site you'll find articles about the benefits of walking around without socks, and whether or not it's legal to drive barefoot.

Gothic Martha Stewart
Are you a Goth kid or perhaps a fan of whomever decorated the Addams Family mansion? Then pick up a pencil and take notes as you look through the Gothic Martha Stewart site. The site shows you how to make no-sew bolster pillows, furniture slipcovers, curtains, lampshades and more. Find out what Gothic genre suits your home best - Victorian, Medieval, Techno-Modern, Cemetery, Fairy, Asian, Egyptian or Punk. Plus there's a recipe for faux absinthe to drink when you've finished decorating.

Gatchaman Toy Web site
If you're a big fan of the cartoon series Gatchaman or Battle of the Planets, you'll dig this toy site. You'll find photos and information about toy guns, action figures, dolls, playsets and more.

Where Are They Now?
Ever wonder what happened to the members of Abba? Interested to see how child actress Linda Blair turned out? Visit the People magazine's Where Are They Now section to see the outcome of some of your favorite lost celebrities.

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