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January 9 -- Mars Earth Connection, Cooking with High Voltage, Grrl Gamer, Joseph's Innocent Inanimate Objects Page, Dust Mites: A Primer, The Useless Pages

January 16 -- Injury Recovery Techniques, Beth's Wall Pockets, Castle of Spirits, Spice World, Silver Spoon World, The Bat Boy Musical, Bono's Cathouse and Photo Emporium

January 23 -- D.I.Y. Search, Entropy8 Digital Arts, America's Most Wanted, Alyssa Milano Discography, The Bureau of Atomic Tourism, Feelin' Groovy, Gallery of Cans, Joanie Loves Chachi

January 30 -- The Comics Hotlist, The Black Rose, Still Crazy for Rick, 8-Track Mind, Wacky Stickers, The Movie Cliches List

February 6 -- Hard Candy, Name That Candy Bar, The Completely Unofficial Yoo-Hoo Web Page, HAE Street Luge Page, Comic Art & Graffix Gallery Virtual Museum, Who's the Dummy?, The InfraRed Gallery

February 13 -- Camel as Champion, Jellinek's Baby Name Chooser, Molecular Expressions, Biorhythm, Club Velvet, The Onion

February 20 -- Star magazine, Lynn's KISS Collection, Cake Decorating magazine, Tori Spelling's Official Home Page, The Samuel Adams Beer Term Dictionary, Manic Panic Hair Dye

February 27 -- Twists, Slugs and Roscoes, The Tomb of the Chihuahua Pharaohs, Vegemite, Lauren Bacall Gallery, The North American Lumberjack Entertainment and Timbersports site, Meanies, Dinky the Dog, Breakup Girl

March 6 -- The Montage Art of Winston Smith, Rope Warrior, No Mayo!, The First Video Hamster, Danger Girl, interFACE Pirate Radio

March 13 -- Skirt magazine, She Loves You, MABTNG's World of Forensics and The X-Files,, The Official Judy Blume Site

March 20 -- The Sync Online Film Festival, View-logy, The World's Best Bubble Wrap Home Page, Bambi Killers Page

March 27 -- The Quicksand Page, MonsterVision, Maggot Therapy Project, Polar Lights, Head-hunting Gallery, Church of the SubGenius, From the Files of Ron Schaffner, The John Dillinger File

April 3 -- Internet Crime Archive, The Wooden Bow Tie Company, Popfolio Concert Gallery, Robots and Space Toys,, Brute Propaganda, Pencil Sharpener Collection

April 17 -- Bizarre Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen, Possum Trot Whippet Farm, The Sergio Leone Home Page, The Unofficial Addams Family site, The Grenade Recognition Manual, Silent Scream, Electronic Postcards

April 24 -- Children of the Sandwich Spread, Astrocat, Dissecting the Earthworm, Pamorama, The Big List of Movie Mistakes, Beck Underwood, Centre for the Easily Amused, B-Eye, Schwa

May 1 -- The Field Guide to North American Males, Mmmartini Lounge, The Complete Collection of Men Jokes, The Honeycomb Hideout, SignMaker, Parascope, Scary Squirrel World

May 8 -- Let's Get Married in Cyberspace, Kaiju Conversations, Litterpan Alley, Run your own Lemonade Stand, Facade Tarot Decks, Shrink in a Box, Art Bell, Wills on the Web

May 15 -- Virtual Pool, Virtual Hugs and Kisses, Godzilla vs. Tamagotchi, Soul Cinema, Java Spirograph, 99 Ways to Open a Beer Bottle Without a Bottle Opener, Dead Elvis Sightings

May 22 -- Money Origami, WIG magazine, The World of TV Toys, How to Create Fake Photos of Ghosts, Odd Rod Stickers, The Really Lost Hanna-Barbera

May 29 -- Niki Fowler's Macrame Page, Vespa Scooter Obsession, The Women of 1970s Punk, Journey Fans Network, Ronnie Cramer's Cult Film Page, Pacey's Place, The Semantic Rhyme Dictionary, Sugar Gliders, John Labovitz's E-zine List

June 5 -- Marci's Retro Style, The Troy McClure Pretty-Much-Everything Site, Robert Sean Leonard Fan Site

June 12 -- The Star Wars Collectors Archive, Comic-Con International, Raving Toy Maniac, Menudo, The Puffer Fish Web site, Truth in Advertising, Rockrgrl magazine, Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's Guide to Photogenic Living

June 19 -- Edible Insects, Flea Market Music, Inc., FBI's Unusual Phenomena Files, Dragnet, Crime Boss Comics, Squirrel Fishing, Florida Department of Corrections, Half A Cow, Oh, the Humanity!

June 26 -- Planet Ketchup, The Wonderful World of Oz,Sci-Fi Wire, Dumbentia, SpellWeb, A Tissue of Lies, The Darwin Awards

July 3 -- TV, Hellfire, Roy Clark, If You Like Pina Coladas . . ., Former Child Star, Rummaging through Northern California, Vampire Probability Test

July 10 -- GoodBye, The '80s TV Themes SuperSite, Swingin' Chicks of the '60s, Platform Diva, The Marmite Story

July 17 -- The Crime Library, Mount Horeb Mustard Museum, Notes on Sushi and Parasites, The Virtual Lizzie Borden House, Suihitsu Sake, The Art of the Motorcycle, Hope Enterprises, Barrel of Beanies, Nude Man Carrot

July 24 -- The Official Ramen Home Page, Bono the CyberCat, Lost in Space,, Liberace Foundation,, The Corkscrew Pages, The Jet Lee (Li) Home Page, Hi-5 Mechanical Arms

July 31 -- Jump the Shark, The Anagram Genius Server, Ben Chapman as the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Bad Fads, Gory Glory Hallelujah, How to Drive Like a Moron, Feed Celine

Aug. 7 -- New York Underground, Stare Down Sally, The Bovril Shrine, The Bride Wore . . . , How to do the Charleston, World's Largest Roadside Attractions,

Aug. 14 -- Discovery Online: Hackers' Hall of Fame, Cat Scan, Post-It Theater, The Adventures of Dotto & Lolly, WebDweller, Deluxe TrailerPark, Your Weight on other Worlds

Aug. 21 -- ColorMix, All Creatures Great and Cheap, The Love Calculator, Liar - a business card game, Death Clock, Superfriends Archive, The Flying Elvi

Aug. 28 -- Space Ghost News, Dermatology Cinema, The Pac-Man Page, Blenderphone, WWWF Grudge Match, Toiletology 101, Bzzurkk! The Thesaurus of Champions

Aug. 28 -- Johnny Jetpack, Dirty Sole Society, Gothic Martha Stewart, Gatchaman Toy Web site, Where Are They Now?

Sept. 11 -- French Fries site, Photoville, SoundRaider v1.00, Design for Life, Truck Soccer, Miss Abigail's Time Warp Advice

Sept. 18 -- How Stuff Works, Postcards from Prison, The Museum of Counter Art, Dating Patterns Analyzer, Introduction to Reading Music

Sept. 25 -- SpookyLand, The Traffic Accident Reconstruction Origin site, The Ultimate Jackie Chan Video Vault, License Plates of the World, North American Bird Sounds, Mutant Makeover, Morse Code Translator

Oct. 2 -- The Cult Controversy, Rose McGowan Tribute site, The Physics of . . . , The Dog Diaper, Elmo's World, History of Video Games, The Mascot Spot

Oct. 9 -- Goth Talk, Saturday Night Live site, Cheese Wars, Evidence: The True Witness, Furby, Blackadder: A Site of Historic Incompetence, Slinky Around the World

Oct. 16 -- Keith's Pumpkin Portrait Page, The Web Adventures of Mulder and Scully, Forbes 400 Richest People in America, Immortalizing the Moment, Biology of the Family Chiaceae, Cardmaster

Oct. 23 -- Lonster's Virtual Manager,, The Caddyshack Page, 7-11

Oct. 30 -- Ynot Cards, NuWorld, Music Medicine, The Ralph Macchio Fan Page, Gothic Gardening, Bonanza Fan Page, Ventures

Nov. 6 -- Fire Eating and Fire Breathing FAQ, 1-800-Autopsy, The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit, The Great Picture Book of Construction Equipment, Taxidermy Net, Larry

Nov. 13 -- Goth Pet of the Week, Gavin the Sheep, Slow Food, Hotwired Animation Express, Furby Autopsy, Ransomatic

Nov. 20 -- X-Project Paranormal Magazine, Good Times, Cyberair Airpark Chicago Approach, History of Country Music, The Powerpuff Girls, The Classic Typewriter Page

Nov. 27 -- Access Manson, Ashtray Cam, Private Art, Burt Reynolds Official Site, On Stagnant Pond, Ultimate Fighting Championship

Dec. 4 -- UFO Roundup, Limbs and Things, James McIntyre: The Cheese Poet, British Comedy on American TV, Wacky Uses

Dec. 11 -- Nature's Turkeys, Fubar Furby, Visions from the Underworld, Terraserver, TV Ultra, 1164 Morning Glory Circle, Muffler Men

Dec. 18 -- Larabie Fonts, The Phobia List, Tina the Troubled Teen, Sweepstakes Online, Stupid Laws, The Clint Howard Project, Ottawa By Night

Dec. 25
- Best of 1998
-- Dinky Dog, Platform Diva, interFACE Pirate Radio, Crime Boss Comics, Gothic Martha Stewart, Bizarre Stuff to Make in Your Kitchen

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