phreaky phriday phun linx 2002


a r c h i v e


Jan. 4 -- Speedy Kitten, Demeter, Funeral Cast, Go in the Dark, Jesus Band-aid, Cactus Recipes, Save America's Clocks, Manties

Jan. 11 -- Do You Look Like Your Dog?,, Contortion Home Page, K&K Mime Ministries, Naturally Shed Antler Furniture, Cork Dolls, Butt for You, Ant City

Jan. 18 -- The Condiment Packet Museum, Lite Brite, Winged Cats, Karma Ghost, Magical Beginnings, Industrious Clock, Rocklopedia Fakebandica, Eric Harshbarger's LEGO website

Jan. 25 -- Spizzy: The Cute Little Spine, The List of 555 Numbers, Fancy Deluxe, Slow Wave, People Cards, Next Stop Nowhere, Personal Disco Dance Floor, Vintage Skivvies: Underwear Ads from 1900-1969

Feb. 1 -- Nosehair E-card, Triangle Poster and Printing Co., Lynde Squares, Celebrity Tattoos, SQRL Golf 2, Who Would Buy That?, Money Origami, Lip - poems by Holly Fleming

Feb. 8 -- Retro Recipes, The Internet Museum of Flexi Records, Paloma: Now and Then, The Lederhosen Museum, Wgirls, TV Barn, Life's Wackiest Covers, Crime Scene Cleaners, Inc.

Feb. 15 -- Drug Calculator, Tails of the City, The 100 Worst Films of the 20th Century,, Decoracion de Bombonas de Butano, Beer Bottle Pipe Organ, MoOM: The Museum of Online Museums, Cartoon and Illustration Paradise

Feb. 22 -- Bottle Cap Museum, The Button Museum, Winter Games Blog, Neuroscience Art Gallery, The Zompist Phrasebook, Looney Toons Filmography, Save the Kangaroo, Modern Ferret Magazine

March 1 -- Rube Goldberg, Mice on Ice, Infantante, Thom Holbrook's Crossovers Spinoff Master List, Waiting for Star Wars, Attack of the 50 Ft. Monster Posters, Reverend Howard Finster, US Army Cool Stuff, Zaac Organ

March 8 -- Map of Spiringfield, Trading Spaces Fanatic, The Illustrated Catalog Of ACME Products, JC Penny Fall-Winter Catalog 1980, International Federation of Competitive Eating, One Tired Guy, Chinese Communist Propaganda Poster Art, Miserable Melodies

March 22 -- Spike Report, Spam Radio, Body World, Headline Haikus, Edible Weeds, Operation Clambake, Doom Buggies, Niemworks: Egg Drop Devices

March 29 -- Slayage, Music from TV Commercials, Andrew Nestler's Guide to Math in 'The Simpsons,' Arnie Pranks, Eternally Yours, Twink, Documented Life

April 5 -- Australian Bilby Appreciation Society, Exploding Dog, Iron Chef Haiku, Should I Stalk William Shatner Test, Richard Sala, Mattress Trash Authority, Flash 99% Good, Medicine and Madison Avenue

April 12 -- The Shrine to Don Knotts, Fuzz Action Figure,, Sew Wrong, Weather Pixie, Bacon + Log = Blog, The Dainty Show, Commando Chicks

April 26 -- The Poem Tag Project, The Sewergator Sanctuary, Prepared Foods magazine, Subway Life, Celebrity Caricature in America, Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age, Go Girl Pinball Machine, Head Hunting: The History of Shuar

May 3 -- Big Bunny, Which High School Stereotype Are You?, 50 Doors of San Francisco, Lemony Snicket, Products of the Apocalypse, Gnomes on Auction, Ugly Dog Contest, Micro Films

May 10 -- Keenmac Pubs, Airline Meals, Rich Mackin, Monsters, LSD Blotter Art Gallery, Scarleteen,, You Should Make One Too

May 17 -- Welcome to the Club, Mork & Mindy, Fencing Sucks, The Smoking Gun: Backstage Pass, Stencil Archive, Wrecked Exotics, Raising Hell, Wearing Underoos is Fun

May 31 -- Punk Rock Aerobics, Bush Aerobics, YHB's Postcard Collection, Weird Fortune Collection, SpongeBob SquarePants Party, Redneck Neighbor, Cell Towers, Mission Hill

June 14 -- Know Your Flow, Milk Bottle of the Week, Flame Broiled, NYC Bloggers, The Church of SpongeBob SquarePants, Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics, Interactive Skeleton, The Johnny Depp Quiz

July 5 -- Punk Rock Baby, Transformer VW Beetle, MASH Game, Original Icons, T-Shirt Hell, Xanadu - the comic, Stinky Stickers, Cartoon Research, Save Hollywood Star Lanes

July 19 -- Trashlog, Your Guide to Spotting the North American Rock Critic, Levers Game, Benny the Anatomical Teddy, Pet Pennies, Muppet World, Burton Car, Song Facts, 75 Words or Less

Aug. 2 -- Ghost Study, Shrinky Dink Do, How Much Is Inside?, Geocaching, Cut and Paste, Aquarium Toilet, Plustech Walking Technology, Furry Morphs and Portraits, Action Squad

Aug. 16 -- Anatomical Chart Company, Best Photos of 2001, The Lovely Blue Planet of There, Duran Duran Purity Test, The Lush Lingo Lexicon, Mmmm...Flash, JellyBath, French Phrases Worth Learning, Things You Never Knew Existed, Cocktails and Entertaining with Bob and Karen

Aug. 30 -- Rion Vernon's Pin-Up Toons, Creatures & Freaks, VegaNova's ShowBiz Pizza Palace, Make Your Own Lava Lamp, Shampoo Uses, Fly Resurection, Kaiju Big Battle, Wacky Packages, Simpsons Best Episodes Ever

Sept. 13 -- Crash Bonsai, Idiom Site, Juan Albuerne's Movie Stars, Nerd Watch Museum, Speed Stacking, The Klingon Language Institute, Cthuugle, Murphy's Laws

Nov. 15 -- Pee-Mail, Movies Based on True Stories, Bible Belts, Julie's Tacky Treasures, Mean Kitty, Trash Log, Drive Me Insane, TV Acres

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