phreaky phriday phun linx 1997


a r c h i v e


January 3 -- Divorce Calculator, Ryan's British TV Show Reviews, B*Girls, Terbo Tool Digital Doodle Sound Pad, The Vanity Plate Page, Connect-Time's Dumpster Diver, The Official French Fries Page

January 10 -- Rhyme Dictionary, Spungifeel Comix and Somedaze Cartoons, Vespa Scooter Obsession, The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices, Riot Nrrrds, The Women of 1970's Punk, The Long Hair Site

January 17 -- React, The Dog Diaper home page, Ronnie Cramer's Cult Film Page, The International Museum of Surgical Science, The Robot Factory, The Boiler Room, Journey Fans Network

January 24 -- Mail a Meal, Mysterious Places, The Center for Advanced Whimsy, John Labovitz's E-zine List, The Official Sandwich Homepage, Driveways of the Rich & Famous, The Official Dallas Cheerleader Fan Club, Motel Magazine

February 7 -- Beatles Covers List, The Slate Diary by David Sedaris, Freeman Mad Lib, Patterns from the 20-60's, Deep Thoughts

February 14 -- You Eat Like a Pig, Bark vs. Bite Trivia Game, Smug Magazine, The Animated American Sign Language Dictionary, A Mardi Gras Guide for New Orleans, Bartolomeo Mecanico, Hollywood Stock Exchange

March 7 -- Corpses For Sale, Attack of the Quizzes, The Bob Lancaster Gallery of Unusual Playing Cards, Interviews with the Vampires, Disgruntled Housewives

March 14 -- MIDI Karaoke, Rock-Scissors-Paper game, Battlestar Galactica, Mr. Rhodes' Shocked Classroom, Stay Tooned, Doctor Who Quotes, World Wide Holiday and Festival Page

March 21 -- Free T-Shirt Page, Cheesy Software, The Costume Page, Hair Police, The New General Store, The Lassie Network

March 28 -- The Complete Lyrics to 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, Travelsickness Bags, Kevin's Oddly Different Story Time, Foamhenge, The House of Diabolique, The Illustrated Guide to Breaking Your Computer, The Early Years: Shoplifting

April 4 -- Trudy in Cyburbia, Siegfried and Roy, The Thundercats Fan Archive

April 11 -- College Fight Songs, Altoids, Bert is Evil, Gatchaman, BOTP and G-Force, Ty Inc., The Women of Country Music Wrestling League, Killer Fonts, Experiences at Fry's Electronics, Find-A-Grave, Au Revoir Les Inmates

April 18 -- The World's Fastest Xylophone Virtuoso, American Tennessee Fainting Goat Association, McFun, Robots, 7UP, Alka-Seltzer

April 25 -- The Electric Examiner Bondage Files, Central Park, Roadside Art Online, Too Much Coffee Man, Cemetery Clip Art, The Top 100 Things I'd Do If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord, Claire Danes, Los Angeles Coroner's Office FAQ

May 2 -- The Positive Press, Men in Black, Gentle World, Top Secret Recipes, The Astounding B Monster, Bonika's Butlers, The Cult Construction Set

May 9 -- Hedda Lettuce Worldwide, Former Child Star, New York City Style Tattoos, Maxi

May 16 -- Reverse Speech, Knucklehead of the Month, Superbad, Goth Babe of the Week, The Christian Guide to Small Arms

May 23 -- Atari Game of the Month, The Mars Shop, Miss Universe, The Puffy Village, Mary's Doll Page, Hello Dollywood, The Impersonators

May 30 -- Wizard of Oz with Dark Side of the Moon, CHiPs Online, Chicago Murder Sites, The Unofficial Breakfast Club Quotes Page, The Fray, The Damn You Ed McMahon Page, FooFoo's Cat Astrology, Papa Smurf Is a Communist

June 6 -- Skin Disease Weekly, Paper Doll Fun, Bridge to the Future, Land of the Lost, The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest, The Acme Dolly Parton Page

June 13 -- The Bionic FAQ, Rate Your Risk, Mulder Glasses Shrine, Learn2: Burp a baby

June 20 -- The Official Marching Band Dictionary, Geeky School Photo Contest, Misunderstood Lyrics, Red Meat, Squirrel Hazing, Rejected State Mottos, The Tackiest Place in America Contest, 500 Ways to Annoy Your Roommate

June 27 -- The I Can Eat Glass Project, Dr. Bukk, Roadside America, Mummification for Pets and Animals, Fossilized Human Finger, Melty

July 4 -- Stay Free, International Belt Sander Drag Race Association, The Amazing WWW Slide Rule, Jeannette's La Femme Nikita Page, Tire Ashtray Collecting, One Foot in the Grave, Taco Bell

July 11 -- 50 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time, Happy Noodle Boy, StitchBoy, The Andy Griffith Show Reruns Watchers Club, The Hyena Pages, Lucky W

July 18 -- Access Manson, Zap the Zits game, Happy Days Online, Payphone Numbers

July 25 -- Lava World, World Hug Week, The Internet Conspiracy Generator, The Love Boat, IDrink

August 1 -- Elvisians from Another Planet, The Jeffersons, Super Marketing Ads from the Comic Books, Morbid Fact Du Jour, Models in Masks, Picture Show, Stelarc, The Simpsons House, Circus of Horrors

August 8 -- Ben Katchor, Wade's Photobooth Gallery, The Gallery of Regrettable Food

August 15 -- Scary Women, It Crawled from the Bins, The Art Deadlines List, Ada Web

August 22 -- Nodders Bobbing Heads Dolls, MMF Haiku, Nosepick-Toothpick, A Different Kind of House Cleaning, Flamingo Surprise home page, Evolve Design, The Neato Donkey Page

August 29 -- Superhero Cartoon Database, The Tor Johnson Web Page, Internet Braille Wizard, Carmelnet, Corvi Chronicle, Besmirched, Arcade Games

Sept. 5 -- Children's Past Lives, Dewey Webb's Objet of the Week, Elated, Coney Island, Weevil's Warren, South Park, Elvisomatic

Sept. 12 -- Air Supply Fan Club, Kazza in the City, Mystery Date, Cut & Style, The Simulator

Sept. 19 -- NIC Law Enforcement Supply, Goreyography, Jurassic Punk, Justin's Game Show Shrine, The Ultimate Bad Candy Web Page

Sept. 26 -- Wooden Nickel Historical Museum, National Academy of Mortuary Science, The First Church of Jesus Christ Elvis, MetaSpy, Tamagothi, Meals Men Like, Tiffany Online Fan Club, Miss Abigail's Time Warp Advice

Oct. 3 -- Spacegirl, Happyland, The Best of David Duchovny, Andes Expedition, Pat Benatar Online Fan Club, Psi Test, New York Subway Instruction Page, Kitty Porn, The Alchemy Virtual Library

Oct. 10 -- Glass Dog, Mr. T versus the Klingon Empire, Pug Park, Avocado Memories, First Kick Scooters,, Sneaker Nation, Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Single Dad TV Hall of Fame, Dancing Benny

Oct. 17 -- Oop Stuff, Tilt Works, How to Toilet Train Your Cat, Convert a School Bus into a Motor Home, Quisp

Oct. 24 -- Ghost Town of the Month, The Cow Liberation Army Faction, Gallery of Obscure Patents, Iron Chef, Dirty Sole Society, Polyester Express, Tortilla Art, The Best Public Toilets in New York City, A Visit to Yesterland, Postcard Rack

Nov. 7 -- The Center for Shopping Cart Abuse Prevention and Study, Paige's Ugly Earrings, Prince William's Unofficial Home Page, The Webstakes Network, Solid Gold Dancers, How to Have Visions, In Search of the Perfect Pork Martini, Mouse Art

Nov. 14 -- Circus Lingo, The International Unicycle Hockey Home Page, Stainless Studios Aftercare, The Little Buffy Site, Cheeseburger in Paradise, Strange But True, Card Trick Central

Nov. 21 -- Salem Witchcraft Hysteria, Greg Knight's Patio Culture, Alyson Hannigan Appreciation Society, Veggie Van

Nov. 28 -- Factsheet Five, Spumco, Slightly off center, Final Indulgence, FIP Cam, Center for Puppetry Arts Museum, Fashion Flashbacks, Deni's Vintage Barbie Collection

Dec. 5 -- Demon Possession Handbook, Krispy Kreme, American Science and Surplus, Sid and Nancy, Digital Deadpet, Sold Out, The Sam and Max Homepage, Shining Star: Andy Gibb, Real TV

Dec. 12 -- Parasites, Webpage for the Recently Deceased, Beer Gut Contest, UFO Folklore, Ugly Lamp Contest, Apparitions of the Virgin Mary in the 20th Century, The Precious Moments Chapel

Dec. 19 -- Madeleine Smith, Alex Sargent, Dani's Sunset Web Page, Baby Doe, The Virtual Pig Dissection, Steve Weissman's Tykes, The Gallery of Monster Toys

Dec. 26 -- Foreign Speed Traps, Chuck E. Cheese, Guess-A-Sketch, Postcards from the Grave, Fontaholics Anonymous, Totally Absurd, Marvel Universe, Pillsbury Doughboy, Bell Labs Text-to-Speech Synthesis

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