phreaky phriday phun linx 2001


a r c h i v e


Jan. 5 --, The Mirror of My Soul, VeggieTales, Collecting Simpsons, Banjo Hangout, DLGDyer's Coffee Mug Heaven

Jan. 12 -- All Things Steve Perry, Who Would Buy That?, Skyscraper Page, Ye Olde English Sayings, The DVD Journal, P22 Mail Art

Jan. 19 -- Pat Sajak, Puppet Unleashed, Cinema Diabolico, Jargon-Free Web, eblots, Jezebel's Mirror, Jimmie Walker

Feb. 9 --, Zero TV, Yahoo! TV's Survivor Pick'em Game, Ghost Sites - The E-Failure Museum, Shoutcast, Sidewalk Typo, Hi Monkey!

Feb. 16 -- Art by Elizabeth McGrath, Grrrls Band Classified, Who Wants to Marry a Sysadmin?, Street Terms: Drugs and the Drug Trade, Dreambank, Pixeljam, Eye Candy TV, Dirty Money

Feb. 23 -- Peter Pan's Home Page, The Klingon Language Institute, Ninja Burger, ACME Heart Maker, Apartment 201, Betty Bowers, Darva's House

March 2 -- The Sopranos on Location, Interactive Ralph Wiggum, Screen It! Music Reviews, Da Mob Name Generator, Not My Desk, Frontline: Merchants of Cool, Eric Conveys an Emotion

March 9 -- Jeffrey Wernick, The Joe Bob Report, Teleport City, Earthquake Strikes Seattle, Origins of Band Names, Random Smiths Lyrics Generator, The A-Team Resource Page

April 13 -- The Journey Library,, Survivor: Monster Island, Ze Frank, All My Life For Sale, The Noiseways Project

April 20 --, George Bush Loves You, Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers, Adbusters: TV Turnoff Week, WebCam 709, Bjork Remix Web, Disquiet: Audio Games, Monkey Vs. Robot

May 14 -- Monkey Phone Call, Soundboards, Varla Jean Merman, Not Quite What the Doctor Ordered, Save Ferris, TRL by Sarah

June 22 -- The Official Robert Goulet Site, Nasubi, BMW Films,, Smile and Act Nice, Catholic Supply, Scrumpdillyishus

Sept. 21 -- Gonads and Strife, Found magazine, Adult Swim, Fling the Cow, Weird New Jersey, Bunny Hunter - Un Lapin, Waking Life, Shoes of the Fisherman

Sept. 28 --, Desk Rubbings, Rag Dog, This To That, Best-of-Craigslist, The Haunted Painting,, WMOB: The Wiretap Network

Oct. 5 -- New Scientist: The Last Word, Donuty, You Grow Girl, 1,000 Journals, Did You Bring the Bottles, The Date-My-Sister Project, Matoox, NooFlat

Oct. 12 -- Poke the Bunny, Toilet Seat Art Museum, Dome-O-Rama, EGG The Arts Show, Indie Bride, Digital Angel, The Tattoo Baby Doll Project, The Carthedral

Oct. 19 -- Hats of Meat, Stuck at Prom, Revenge Lady, The First Twins, I'm Right You're Wrong, Human Clock, Iron Chef Compendium,

Oct. 26 -- The 7 Deadly Sims,,, Miniature World, Hey Day Girls, Gas Price Watch, Plants and Your Cat,, The Feathered Back Hair Site

Nov. 2 -- Dance Fundamentals, Panty Cat, Pork 4 Kids, I Do Shoes, The Index Phobia List, The Journey is the Destination, Rustboy, Art Car Fest

Nov. 9 -- The Popcorn Fork, Utilikilts, Not Tonight Deer, Topps - Enduring Freedom Trading Cards, Fancy Space, Buy Mannequins, Hip Mama, Donnie Darko

Nov. 16 -- Fuali Online Tests, Rosedale Valley Road Gang Dog Coats, Sock It To Me, Pinky's Souvenir Land, Tacky Living, The Brick Testament, OddTodd: Laid-Off, Way of the Exploding Stick

Nov. 30 -- Patron Saints, Private Car and Garden, Yatta!, Elvis In Concert, Society for the Advancement of Lobsters, Loobylu, Secret Santa, World Toilet Organization

Dec. 7 -- Fork You, Iron Chef USA, Orisinal, Who's The Boss Resource, BuzzWhack, Underbelly, Kiss My Freckled Ass Goodbye, Foam Props

Dec. 14 -- Drawn and Quarterly, Jesus of the Week, Colorgenics, Just Plain Cher, Signs, Paul's Boutique Samples and References List, iSee, Fast Forward

Dec. 21 -- Wil Wheaton Dot Net, Girl At Play, Dancing With Your Dog, Blythe, Queenpin Deluxe,, Themes Online, The Happiest Potties on Earth

Dec. 28 -- Get Music - Karaoke, Cow Pie Clocks, Leeches USA, Insanity Test, Google Groups, Jones Soda Gallery, World's Best Toilet Seat, Raw Vision

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