phreaky phriday phun linx 1996


a r c h i v e


August 2 -- Marijuana Facts For Teens, Cirque du Soeil, The Slighty Less Than Official Spork Homepage, She's A Cyborg, Alien Drawings, The World's Deadliest Drug, Acme Flea Circus

August 16 -- 8-Track Mind, Wacky Stickers, Faces of Death, Interactive Voodoll Doll, Slaughtering Program

August 23 -- Graveyards of Chicago, BeerShots Gallery, Camera Collector, 3-D Web, Clip Art Connection, Flame Rite, Avoiding Corn, Polkacide, Voodoo in New Orleans, Raindrop, Al Roker

September 6 -- MooCow, Suck: net.moguls, Land of the Lunchboxes, Soldier of Fortune, Home Appliance Shooting, Butt Furr, Face Reading

September 13 -- Disgruntled Magazine, Pig Latin Converter, phoneSpell, My Apartment is Cooler Than Yours, The Movie Cliches List, The The Boss is Coming Panic Page, The First Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia, T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project

September 20 -- Road King Magazine, The Surrealist Compliment Generator, Angelic Heaven, Body Modification Ezine, The Burrito Page, Monsters

September 27 -- Jellinek's Baby Name Chooser, Gargoyle Home Page, Train Hopping, Biorhythm Chart Generator, College entrance exam - football player version, Make seaweed pudding, Brain Tricks, Fun With Grapes, Official Drole for President Site, Frank's Vinyl Museum, Mentos FAQ, The Onion

October 4 -- Curse in Swedish, Phos4 Phun, Dead People Server List, Virtual Presents, The Rockford Files Homepage, Interesting Ideas, Manic Panic Hair Dye

October 11 -- Fabio Loves You, Dead Man Talkin' by Dean, Pavement Terror, Anagram Insanity, Urban Decay, Middle Eastern Names, Is Fashion Silly?

October 18 -- The Happy Man, The Del Rubio Triplets Wonderland, Dr. Seuss Bible, The Prozac Pez Page, The Dark Side of the Scooby Doo Gang

October 25 Halloween Edition -- I Was a Media Dupe, Pranksta's Paradise, Candy USA, The Quasi-Comprehensive Candy Bar Wrapper Image Archive, Halloween Tricks and Treats, The Easter Egg Archive, Bob Sokol and Amyl on Stupid Pet Tricks, Jelly Belly

November 1 -- How to Make an Elizabethan Corset, Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches, Molly Ringwald Fan Page

November 8 -- Naked Mole-Rat Colony Cam, What's in your name demonstration analysis, Bill Plympton Online

November 15 -- Speed Racer fan site, The Lynne Russell Resource, Vivarin, Cypher, The Unofficial Dr Pepper Page, Nihon Sumo Kyokai

November 22 -- Joe the Circle, Matchstick Rockets, The Completely Unofficial Leonardo DiCaprio Page, Fashion for the chemical set, Random Chick-en, Surgical Camp Supports

November 29 -- Lampkin's Fussy Baby Solution Site, Spacebar, The Importance of a Smile, Silly Putty on the Web, Otter Pops

December 6 -- Art of Joan Stennick, The Infamous Nerdity Test, The Residents, The Gerald R. Ford Library and Museum, Gap-Toothed, Project Denny's, The Slot, The Mad Scientist Network

December 13 -- CyberBra, The Ranma 1/2 Page, The MayKorner Personality Test, Nikki's 1996 AOL Collection, KPIG Radio

December 20 -- Are You Being Served? Fan Page, The Amazing Pecking Chicken, The Stereoscopic Animated Hypercube, The Official Bob the Angry Flower Page, The Book of Cliches

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