phreaky phriday phun linx 1999


a r c h i v e


Jan. 1 -- Buy Nuclear, The Steve McQueen Tribute site, WCW Wrestling, Tacky Postcard Archive, Rum Ring Diary, AirGuitar, Josh's Tim Burton fan site, TV Party

Jan. 8 -- Gentle Hints, Marshmallow Fluff, The Cartoon Bank, Bogie and Baby, Natural Sausage Casings FAQ, The Fantastic Films of Ray Harryhausen, Bob Ross, The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide

Jan. 15 -- Blast Mapper, The Hamster Dance, FBI's Freedom of Information Act Reading Room, Tyrone Power Home Page, Yahoo Oddly Enough News, The Anti-Clown Page, Forrest J. Ackerman's Wide Webbed World, Feelin' Groovy

Jan. 22 -- The Big List of Movie Mistakes, The International Clown Hall of Fame,, Huge Magazine, Traffic Cone Preservation Society,, Sulabh International Museum of Toilets, The Multi-Cultural Recycler

Jan. 29 -- Band-O-Matic, Thrift Store Paintings, Bass Tab Archive, Pet of the Day, Pursuit Watch, The Jalopy Journal, Cocktail Shaker Collection, Five-0 Central

Feb. 5 -- Fading Ad Campaign, Ice Pick, Gobler Toys, Sony Entertainment Robots, The Cracker Jack Box, Fight the Fingerprint, Jean Harlow's Platinum Page, Cult of Angels

Feb. 12 -- Hand Transplant, Gas Masks, Inc., Last Words, Ted Knight Fan Site, AccuWeather X-Forecast, DinerCam, The Sideshow Bob Gallery, Fab Facial Furniture

Feb. 19 -- All Cam, YesterdayLand,, Index of Famous Monkeys, Girl Skateboards, Television Passings, Does Your Name Add Up to 666?, ER Watch

Feb. 26 -- National Association of Amateur Elvis Impersonators, The Cow Liberation Army Faction, The Best Public Toilets in New York City, Iron Chef, Tortilla Art, Convert a School Bus into a Motor Home, Pug Park, Single Dad TV Hall of Fame

March 5 -- The Spud Gun Technology Center, Armour Fresh Pork, Space Age Pop Music Standards, Ye Olde English Sayings,, Real Age, Science Frontiers Digest of Scientific Anomalies, About names

March 12 -- Hamster Blast, Mark Ryden, Meltdown at Three Mile Island, Here and Now - Real Life, British Invasion, When Nixon Met Elvis, All Work and No Play, Behind the Stonewall

March 19 --,, Internet Cafes Guide, C-Spam, Deep Cold Home, The Kristy McNichol Page, Digital Waterguns, It Seems Like Yesterday

March 26 -- Unclaimed Baggage Center, Javascript 8-ball, Allyson's Ultimate Compendium of One-Named People,, Forward of the Day, The Official Jet-Li site, Slave Labor Comics, Densa

April 2 -- This To That, Cheese-O-Matic,, Stupid Candy, Shredder 101, Modern Moist Towelette Collecting, The Universe Of Bagpipes, The Quest of the Cheese Man

April 9 -- Creek Central, Amazing Puppets, The Dancer, The Inscrutable 8-Ball Revealed, Extropy Institute, The Games We Used to Play, Epidemic, Land of the Lost Socks

April 16 -- Isabel the Cat Behaviorist, Retro Halloween Masks, Thumb Wars, Cracker Jack,, Official Ben Affleck site, Pop History Now, Death By Curry

April 23 -- Rickenbacker, Pignose Amplifiers, Girl Geeks, The Daily Message, Junk Food Mecca, America's Most Wanted Hot Dog, The Fantastic Typing CyberMonkey, Alien Empire

April 30 -- California Shipwrecks, Holler!, North Carolina Moonshine, Learn2 Tune a Guitar, Ask Yoda, BarneyFife.Com, Pizza Drivers Take Tips, Hotel Chelsea

May 7 -- Richard Smith's Compendium of Britishisms, Tips on rodents, Cockpit Voice Recorder Last Words, Ebike, Dilberito, Dancing Herve Villechaize, Fred

May 14 -- Build Your Own Boba Fett, The Primate Care Postcard Center, Burma Shave Slogans, Haptek, Kimchi Story, Retail Alphabet Game, Mark's Apology Note Generator

May 21 -- MTV Cool Crap, The Nose Pages, Women of the West Museum, McDonald's Trip Planner, Robot Store, Banana Museum, Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

May 28 -- Messy Gourmet, Can of the Month, Science Behind The X-Files, Dreaming@Swoon, Inconspicuous Consumption, Shower Caps of the World, The Serial Killer Bureau

June 4 -- Joey's Desktop, Biopharm Leeches, The Gallery Of "Misused" Quotation Marks, 404 Research Lab, Gilly's Auto Wreckers, Her Majesty's Prison Service, Jargon Scout

June 11 -- Star Wars ASCIImation, The Museum of Ephemeral Cultural Artifacts, Algy's Herb Page, Trouser Press, Creatabilitoys Museum, The Supernatural Dictionary, The American Drive-In Theatre

June 18 -- Payphones of the World, Stephen Hawking's Universe, Life in the Universe, Save Homicide, Dynamite magazine fan site, The Ginger People, Feeling Retro

June 25 -- Austin Powers 2 Reference Guide, Gorilla Art, Heroic Bloodshed, Lost America Night Photography, Seventies Teen Idol Postcards, William Gibson Toolkit, Maureen McCormick official site

July 2 -- Skateboard Science, In-N-Out Burger, The Stellar Acting Career of Troy McClure, The Duh! Files, John Hughes Files, Moog Cookbook, Zane: The Last Clown

July 9 -- The Art of the Mix, Who Is That?, The Muppet Movies Lyrics Archive, Drum Machine Museum, Hello Kitty Tarot, Nerf Center, Museum of Black Superheroes

July 16 -- Central Park, VH-1 Behind the Music, The Puppy Cam, Jonni Nitro, The Electric Guitar Museum, Jar Jar Must Die, Scout McCloud's Online Comics

July 23 -- The Varieties of the Balloon Hat Experience, CyberSingle Promotions, Free Comics, Spaced Out: The Enoch Light, Solemates: The Century in Shoes, The B-Movie Channel, Fametracker, Postal Trucks for Sale

July 30 -- Physics Limericks, Mullets Galore, Cows on Parade, What's In Your Kitchen, Dirt Nap, Warner Brothers Cartoon Companion, SportsID, George Takei

Aug. 6 -- Evelyn Roth, A Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments, Kodak Psychedelia, History of Toys and Games, Rattlesnake Museum, Jim Nabors Official Web Site, The Film 100

Aug. 13 -- Bitter Waitress, The 50 Greatest Comics of the 20th Century, Psycholaborations, Macaroni Art Game, Chimp Channel, Duct Tape on the Web, SwingMoves, Total Tetherball

Aug. 20 -- Land of the Lost,, Cinema Bytes, Wild Bear Cam, Keeping Ken, May I Suggest, The Skinny On, Happydale comic

Aug. 27 -- National Geographic's Salem, Flexi/Cardboard/Oddity Records, Hair Part Theory, Discovery Online's Alien Invasion site, Buffo the World's Strongest Clown, Dorothy Parker's New York, The Diego Rivera Mural Project, The Wonder Mat

Sept. 3 -- Build Your Own Cow, Lederhosen Wahnsinn, eHow, Social Security Death Index, Toys Were Us, The Lost Dream of Opal Whiteley, DogStar

Sept. 10 -- A Brief History of Stress, Ugly Couch Contest, How to Talk New Age, Tune Trivia, Doug Henning's World of Magic, Area 51, Jon's Amazing Midi Quiz Thingy, Stress Relief Aquarium

Sept. 17 -- eCrush, The World Tours of Bud, Once Upon a Forest, The Public 8-Ball, The Comic Book Periodic Table of Elements, Hillbilly World, Quincy Punk Rock Episode

Sept. 24 -- Mark's Card Trick, Toon-Up, Book-A-Minute, Like Television, Soda, Monkey and Penguin Visit Disneyland, - Will Hertes' Letters

Oct. 1 -- Celebrity Baby Name Index, Travel to Oriland, Virtual Anatomy Image Browser, Cats Around the World, Greg Knight's Patio Culture, AutoDave,

Oct. 8 -- Chart Shop, Corndog Festival, AMC's American Pop, Miss Click, Wired Magazine Phrase Generator,, P45 - Wasting Time @ Work, Swanson's Parade of Lost Identity

Oct. 15 -- Graham Barker's Navel Fluff Collection, They Still Draw Pictures, Mr. Wakeup, Poster Quiz, HotWired: Animation Express,, Rejection Slips, In Transit

Oct. 22 -- Elite Titles, Commercial Archive, Life Along the Fault, Jim's Journal,, Halloween Do-It-Yourself Projects, Play Along Britney Spears Doll, Fuller Up The Dead Musician Directory

Oct. 29 --, Blue Mountain Arts Halloween Cards, Will Shatner Acting Simulator, The Cabinet of Dr. Casey, Delerium's Psychedelic Web, The Dark, Demented and Gothic Alphabet, Origins of American Animation, The Tiki Bar Review Page

Nov. 5 -- Hollywood Tarot, The M31 Galaxy of Transistor Radios, Music for Cubicles Recipes, Volume One, Lakewood Croquet Club, Deformed Frog Cam, Speak Icelandic Like a Restless Native, Snarg

Nov. 12 -- Dogs Playing Poker, PandaCam,,, Motels for Train Watchers, AdAccess, Fan Forum, The Political Graveyard

Nov. 19 -- Popular Science: 1999 Best of What's New, Biospeleology, Polly and Esther's Tea Party, Life Beyond Earth, NOVA: Decoding Nazi Secrets, WWII Propoganda Posters, Winter Trails, Supertramp MIDI Jukebox

Nov. 26 -- Girls on Wax, The Janeane Garofalo Gallery, Dime Novels and Penny Dreadfuls,'s Head Sounds: Psychedelic Rock, Etch A Sketch, Rob Keller's Mummy Museum, Scooter the Talking Dog, Who's Alive and Who's Dead

Dec. 3 -- Art Bell: Coast to Coast, Forensic Faces, Ghost Investigations and Photos, Blend a Celebrity Dad, The Amazing Ribbon-O-Matic, Tacky Christmas Light Displays, The Southern Word Homepage, Forgotten NY

Dec. 10 -- Frontline: Apocalypse, Adventure Van, Name the Decade, Live Piranha Cam, Plastination, Everything's Archie, National Geographic's Grimm's Fairy Tales, Las Vegas Strip History

Dec. 24 -- Experience California, Gallery of Huge Beings, Micro$oft, GoatCam, Googie Architecture,, Volunteer for Change, The Longevity Game

Dec. 31 Best of 1999 -- YesterdayLand, The Hamster Dance, All Cam, Dreaming@Swoon, HotWired: Animation Express, Feelin' Groovy, In Transit, The Skinny On

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