phreaky phriday phun linx 2000


a r c h i v e


Jan. 7 -- Movie-List,, Slighty Off Center, The Nerdman Show, Lobster Cam

Jan. 14 --, The Unofficial Davey and Goliath site, Bob Staake Cartoons, Blessings Expression of Faith dolls, OMSI RatCam

Jan. 21 -- The Empty Bowl, Dating 911, The Crater Kid, Historic Asylums of America, Cells Alive!

Jan. 28 -- The Scarecrow's Formula, You Draw, Eero Aarnio, Anpanland

Feb. 4 -- New York International Children's Film Festival, Bug Eyed Monster, The BFI 100, Cartoon Art Museum of San Francisco, The

Feb. 11 --, Jan Svankmajer: Alchemist of the Surreal, DVD Review: Hidden Features, Skullwell Predicts, Boo Berry cereal fan site, Peter Max Online, HotWired Han Solo Art Gallery

Feb. 18 -- Unfortunate Valentine's Cards,, Dee Snider, Photobetty, Hommage a Hedy Lamarr,

Feb. 25 -- Genetic Savings & Clone, The Atlanta Roadways Digest, The Amazing World of Kreskin, Shields and Yarnell, Words You Can't Write With a Calculator

March 3 -- The World's Best Bubble Wrap Homepage, Body Mind and Modem, Komodo National Park, The National Cartoonist Society, Yeti@Home

March 10 -- Comparative Mammalian Brain Collections, Air Sickness Bag Museum, The Easter Egg Archive, The Edgar Allan Poe Crypto Challenge, Style Wars, The Sushi Guide, Letters from Homeroom, Jennifer Chen

March 17 -- UNICEF: Puppets With a Purpose, Gong Show Fan Page,, Bjorn Again, Our Gang Online, Shadows on the Wall

March 24 -- Auroras 2000, Matchbook Diary, Dateline: Kennel,, Bad Fad Museum, Dirty Harry Tour of San Francisco

March 31 -- Junk Store Cameras, Out of the Frying Pan, Wink Martindale, Pat Harrington, The Mojave Phone Booth Site

April 7 -- The Orphanage of Cast-Off Mascots, Historical Nuclear Weapons Test Films, Bizarre Stuff, Journal of Mundane Behavior,

April 14 --, Sushi Fortune Telling, The Big Waste of Space, Sodaplay,

April 21 -- The Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, Bad Burns,, Kodak Birdcam, UFO Report Form, WASAW: Writers and Artists Snacking at Work

April 28 -- 75 Years of Band-Aid, Neo Henshin Cyborg, The Guys Vs. the Girls Burping Contest, Peace Corps Application, Interview With the Search Engine, Spook-Bot,

May 5 -- Zen Meditation Instruction, Nutella Quick and Easy Recipes, Otter Cam,, iShareStuff, The Stories of George the Hamster, Daze of Our Lives

May 12 -- Amazing Wooden Bike Company, Large Hot Pipe Organ,, Inside Chiquibul,

May 19 -- Save the Prairie Dogs, The Ultimate Build Your Own Cow Page, Derek's Big Website of Wal-Mart Purchase Receipts, Naming the Saints, Bert & Bud's Vintage Coffins

May 26 -- The Official Barry Williams Home Page, The Stinkymeat Project, Sissyfight, Periodic Table of Funk, What I Have Read Since 1974, ABC News: The Wolf Files

June 2 -- Japanese Snacks, Thrasher magazine, Dr. Seuss Went to War, HotBraille, The eSkeletons Project, They Drew Fire

June 9 -- Iowa Farmer Today CornCam,, Glam Name Generator, Dalai Lama, Howard Besser's T-Shirt Database, Aliens and the Scalpel

June 16 -- Junkyard Wars, Maori Culture, Pancakes Across America, Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body, What Tree Is It?, The Alternative Museum

June 23 -- Thunderbirds Online, The Rock and Roll Hall of Shame, Unicycle Baby Guy,, Unofficial eWorld Farewell Site, Stupid Scanner Tricks

June 30 -- Art Caskets, MotoMama Magazine,, An American's Guide to Canada, Diner City, Tree Circus

July 7 -- Cockeyed, Cyborg Name Generator, All Magic Guide, Loud Paper, Observing Obscure Kulture

July 14 -- Loose Moose, Dr. Webster's Guide to the MacQuarium, Happy Cow's Global Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants, Save Family Guy, Optigan, The Late-Night Cable-Movie Plot Generator

July 21 -- Kabuki for Everyone, Mood Ring Page, VW-F-V: Volkswagens in Film and Video, Roadside America Pet Cemetery, The Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide

July 28 -- Old Woodies, Corporate Goth, Tick Tock Toys, Deja Vu, Pocketpig

Aug. 4 -- Spud's Travels, Stop Alien Abductions, Drum Machine Museum, Lizards, Unofficial Breakfast Club Quotes Page

Aug. 11 -- Huggabaloos, So You've Decided To Be Evil, Crazy Drunk Guy, Sales Autopsy, Getting the Picture: The Art of the Illustrated Letter

Aug. 18 -- Dreams of Space, Random Goth Lyric Generator, The Complete Pricing Game Directory, Top 10 Vomit Scenes

Aug. 25 -- Grease Car, Reality Blurred, Gaijin A Go-Go Cafe, Bustamove, Heroines of the SOE, New Scientist: The Last Word

Sept. 1 -- Library Cats, Spider Gates, Little Brother Robot, Just a Tip, Conform Project,, Hoaxbusters

Sept. 8 -- Whole Pop Magazine: Lunch boxes,, Cybercinema, European Comics on the Web, Final Meals

Sept. 15 -- Snake Robots, Ugly Cat of the Month, The Spirit of La Llorona,,

Sept. 22 -- Time Machine Toothbrush, In Passing, Egoism/Altruism Test,, Archaic Medical Terms,

Sept. 29 -- Oracle of Elvis, Male Pregnancy, Confessions of a Record Producer

Oct. 6 -- Wacky Uses, Dye My Hair, The Bureau of Atomic Tourism, Kismet robot, Queens of the Gridiron, Core 77

Oct. 13 -- Mr. Winkle,, Vintage Calculators, Theme Park Insider, U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association, The Electronic Museum of Mail Art

Oct. 20 -- Maria Jones: Hot Skating Grandma, Contact Aliens, Mr. Beller's Neighborhood, The Tech Museum: Robotics

Oct. 27 -- The Simulator, MooseCam Live, End Daylight Savings Time, In Search Of

Nov. 3 -- The Lawn Chair Pilot, Humanoids 2000, Reprodepot Fabrics, Physiological Analysis of Clem Burke, Narnia, Downside, JTrack 3-D

Nov. 10 -- Sewers of the World, Presidential Haiku, Little Lit, Vanishing Tattoo, Distort the Future President, 1966

Nov. 17 -- Ice Hotel Glace, Lego Star Wars, David Hasselhoff,, Zen Stories to Tell Your Neighbors, Covad: Hamster Taxidermy, Popular Myths About Avalanches

Nov. 24 -- Museum of Fred, Edible Insects, The Brownie Camera @ 100: A Celebration, Darwin Awards, Harry Potter Lexicon

Dec. 1 -- David Blaine, Melanie Online, Museum of Useful Things, TealPaint Art Gallery, The Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics, Garrison Keillor

Dec. 8 -- The Great American Tchotchke Peepshow, Monster Cards of the 1950s and 1960s, Gobler Toys, Monsterskate, Grandma Prisbrey's Bottle Village,

Dec. 15 -- Television Without Pity, Guinea Pig Zero, Coca-Cola Television Advertisements, First Look, Free the Memphis Three, Folk Art in Bottles

Dec. 22 -- Cheezy Guy, You Can Make an Art Car, William Shatner, Heifer Project, Spammimic

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