Sat., Dec. 28, 2002


Well I made it through the holidays in one piece. It's weird how all kinds of emotional rollercoasters tend to be in full service just because it's Christmas. The one time everyone really should be good to each other usual turns into a freak-out fest. Oh well. I survived another year and I'm feeling pretty good about that. Plus I made out like a bandit this year! I got a really nice Botanical Book I've been drooling over and a cool bonsai tree kit; plus soft blankets, flannel and socks for our cold, rainy winter. I also must have been really good this year because I also got a digital camera so I can stop endlessly borrowing my boyfriend's.

I ended up giving a ton of prezzies and care packages too. I think I have more fun shopping for my pals and thinking of interesting care packages to send them. I always try to buy something for them that I know they want and is a bit on the unexpected side. I hope they dig their goodies.

Since it's doing nothing but raining on us, I've decided to spend the day uploading most of my CD collection to my online station, Grrl Radio. I'm adding a lot of old stuff to the playlist like the Cure, Meat Beat Manifesto, the Damned, Mazzy Star, Erasure, Bikini Kill, the Donnas, Blur, Catherine Wheel, Chiapet, Concrete Blonde, Chris Isaak, Face to Face, My Bloody Valentine, Sixteen Deluxe, Patsy Cline and a ton of others. I also added some brand new indie stuff from the bands Idaho, Glitter Mini 9, Mummy the Peepshow, Dressy Bessy, Grandaddy, Elliott Smith, Sonic Youth, Spinning Jennies, Spiritualized, the Breeders and Yo La Tengo. So be sure to tune in!


Sat., Dec. 21, 2002

Ready for Christmas

Believe it or not, I'm done with all my holiday shopping. I did it all online this year and didn't have to stand in line or go to the mall. (whew.)

If you're still looking for presents, check out my Grrl Gift Guide for ideas.

I also bought myself a couple of used books that were on my neverending Amazon Wishlist.

The tree is decorated. The gifts and cards are sent. And I'm ready to get loaded off of rum cake and spiked egg nog.

I think I'm more relieved that my classes are over and all the tests and projects are finished. I learned a ton this semester and I can't wait to go back! I'm even thinking of taking a criminal investigation class for the heck of it. But we'll see. What I should really concentrate on is getting more freelance work lined up so I can still afford to go to college and study horticulture.

But I'm not worried. Life is too short to fret on that stuff. Plus with all the rain that's been falling here (Santa Cruz area) in the last few weeks, I'm just glad the house hasn't floated away yet.

On a side note, I still need to drop everything and catch up on all the movies I want to see:

  • Lord of the Rings: Two Towers
  • Star Trek: Nemesis
  • The Ring
  • Analyze That
  • Real Women Have Curves
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Not to mention the huge stack of books I have been wanting to read for the last 6 months. Egads.


Sun., Dec. 15, 2002

Must study for finals....

I haven't been updating my blog (or columns for that matter) like I should be. I'm studying for my horticluture finals this Tuesday. I can't believe how much I've learned in only one semester. I went into classes only knowing how to grow herbs, some succulents and a few veggies. Now I can identify trees, shrubs, vines and various plants both by botantical and common names.

I've managed to understand how plants grow instead of just getting the gist of how to grow plants. My obsessed with ethnobotany and the sometimes extremely unusual history behind certain plants. Evcen if I don't ace my finals, I'm still incredibly proud of myself for trying something totally new and studying a science I never thought I could grasp.

On a side note, most of my holiday shopping is done. (whew)

And just in time it seems. We've been hit with a fairly huge storm for the past few days. Nothing but heavy rain and wind. A few roads are out due to mudslides and trees blown down. I even saw lightning last night. That never happens here! Creepy. At least there's no snow.

In case you need more gift ideas, here's Dave Barry's Annual Gift Guide.


Wed., Dec. 4, 2002

Yea for taxidermy!

As some of you know, I have a side interest in taxidermy. No, I don't go around searching for roadkill to decorate my bedroom. But let's just say seeing a stuffed squirrel wearing a hunter's vest really warms my heart.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I heard that the legendary taxidermist Walter Potter's Victorian collection up for sale. Granted his dressed-up stuffed animal collection is going for a mere 3 million dollars. But if I was a rich freak with money to spend, I'd be first in line.

Imagine owning a room full of rabbit students or your own kitty wedding. Potter was a genius I tell you... a genius!

More fun:

Case of Curiosities

Walter Potter Slide Show


Mon., Dec. 2, 2002

1...2....3 Sheep

It's 3 AM and I can't fall asleep. I'm wide awake. The puppy is snoring away, but I'm clenching my jaw and blinking toward the ceiling. My mind is so wired I keep thinking of great horror movie plots. One involves a cross between the Muppets and Donnie Darko.

Any body have tips on how to catch some Zzzzz's before I go completely nuts?

(By the way, warm milk makes me feel icky and counting sheep is starting to spook me out.)


Sun., Dec. 1, 2002

That was then, this is now

People change -- all the time. Actually, it's not so much the people that change, it's how they behave differently in certain situations than before. Core personalities usually stay constant. What I can't stand is when people wish I was the same person I was 10 years ago. I'm not. In those 10 years, I have been through quite a few heartbreaks, friendships, jobs and zip codes. Each time I go through an experience, a bit of me transforms and I think twice about making the same mistake again. Eventually I learn.

A lot of me still lives in the past. And a big part of me worries about the future. But right now, in the present, I'm trying my best to be me and appreciate those who love me as is.

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