Sat., July 12, 2003


Yipee yea! Today's my birthday! I actually made it to 31. (who knew?) So far it's been a great day - woke up in sunlight, watched my Powerpuff Girls DVD, ate Eggs Benny at Crepes on Cole where I ran into my old pals Jett and Larry and now I'm dogsitting for my friends Victoria and Andrew. They have a pup named Scooby who's a dead-ringer for my old sidekick Sophie. He's a doll and we have a blast together. Plus he looks at me like I'm the coolest girl in San what more could a girl ask for?

If you feel inclined to buy me a birthday prezzie, here's my Amazon wish list. But I'd be just as happy with an online greeting card. ;-)

It's been quite a strange trip since my last birthday a year ago. And I never thought I'd end up where I am today - but in a way it's exciting and I'm having fun that's all that matters. Life is damn short so you better enjoy it while you have the chance.

I'm going to the Parkside bar Sunday to meet up with friends and have Santos make me another "Doorman's Special." And of course play a lot of drunken Yatzee which I'm starting to get the hang of thanks to my coach Chris. (Heck, I won $5 last time!)

For any of you comic book collectors and Star Wars fans, I'll be running the Lucasfilm Star Wars booth at Comic-Con International in San Diego from July 16-20, so stop by and say howdy! I'll be wearing a black Hyperspace don't expect me to be wearing a Return of the Jedi Princess Leia bikini.Then again, I may just show up as Boba Fett. Heh. And Star Wars Day will be June 19, so you should check out for event listings and such... (shameless plug for work, non?)

With all the celebs attending Comic-Con this year it'll be interesting to see all the drooling fanboys hovering around Angelina Jolie. So if you'd rather avoid the crowds around real celebs, you should come by the Star Wars booth and meet a B-grade Web celeb like me.


Wed., July 2, 2003

Where have I been?

So by now most have you either think I've skipped the country or met with a Six Feet Under type of demise. Well, I'm happy to say that neither is true. But a lot has happened since April, so here's the rundown:

I moved from Boulder Creek to Aptos to live with a cool girl named Angela and her two boxers. Sophie had fun playing with the dogs as I stressed about where I was going to end up working/living/breathing.

I ended up scoring a contract job as a Content Developer for Lucasfilm, Ltd. in Marin. Yeah you heard right. I'm working for George Lucas's company. I basically write daily content for, admin the message boards and will be working on the relaunch of Before I found a place in San Fran, I was commuting for 5 hours a day from Aptos to Marin. ick. And to answer your question - no I never see Stormtroopers just hanging out at the water cooler.

The bad news is that I gave my beloved doggy sidekick Sophie back to my ex-boy-sidekick so she could live happily in the forest frolicking with the deer and squirrels. I wanted to bring her back to San Fran with me, but since I work 9 hours a day, I'd never see her, and she'd be stuck in a house with no one to play with. I'm still sad about it, but I guess I did what was best for her instead of being selfish and wanting a happy buddy around when I got home from work. Basically, I feel like a bad mommy and well...I miss her terribly. But she's in good hands with Tom, Steve and Sharon. ;-)

Couch surfed in comfort thanks to friends: Teresa, Mike, Erin, Dave, Brent and Larry. Thanks!

I now live in the Haight. I think Charlie Manson's old house is right down the block. And I've heard a few non-psycho celebs like Benjamin Bratt live near me.

I'll be on E! True Hollywood Story on August 17 yammering on and on as their "expert" about The Real World TV series. So be sure to tune in!

I joined in hopes of making more pals.

I now haunt these SF bars: Annie's, the Make-Out Room, the Parkside and the Latin American Club. So if you see me drinking a bloody mary as I write in my journal or work on stuff, be sure to say howdy.

I attended Oranger's last show before they hit the road with R.E.M.

Working on a book project and still writing KieraDotCom diary for, my plant journal on and my lit-hit column Grrl Gets the Goods for

Expect a new issue of my print mag Grrl zine in the next month or so.

Oh, and I turn 31 in a couple of weeks...egads.


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